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25 Random Facts About Me February 26, 2009

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I’ve been tagged with this, signed up for a swap with this, and more, so instead of doing it a hundred times, I’m posting it here and sending everyone the link. 🙂

1. I’m 25, but feel like I’m 40.

2. I only have one child, a son, and can’t decide if I want just one or 5 total.

3. I love to cook.

4. I named my sewing machine.

5. My first car, and my favorite car ever,  was a 1963 Corvair 4 door.

6. I want to be a designer (of fabric, patterns, and such) but personally feel like my stuff isn’t even very good.

7. I recently discovered I TRULY AM addicted to coffee.

8. I’ve been jokingly saying I am for months.

9. I’m trying to quit and switch to tea, coffee alternatives, and coffee only on weekends.

10. I had my son at a birth center, and adored it.

11. I fell in love with my husband the very first second I saw him.

12. I fell in love with someone else once at first site, I literally heard music like they do in the movies, he did to.  Even though we were at a battle of the bands. He was a jerk.

13. I’m addicted to swaps.

14. I have one tattoo, but want 7.

15.  I’ve been writing the same novel for 12 years.

16. Every time I start it over I lose it in some way, computer crashes, notebook gets lost, etc.

17. My dream in live is to own a shop.

18. I love eggs, from my head down to my legs.

19. I love Bacon even more.

20. I once was addicted to shopping. Luckily I only racked up about 1,500 in debt not 15,000 like some addicts.

21. No matter how much I try I simply cannot seem to pick just one craft to do regularly.

22. I do, have done, or want to do, just about every craft known to man.

23. I spend probably 8 hours a day on teh computer, and it isn’t for work.

24. even though my son isn’t even two I know we’re going to homeschool him, and have known since before he was even born.

25. I would reallllllllly love to be able to draw, but no matter how hard I try just can’t seem to get it. I tried to draw a horse once, it looked like a dead cat!