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Being a Mom is Disgusting Work January 30, 2009

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Besides the obvious dirty diapers there are so many things about motherhood that are just disgusting. My most recent?

Little Man doesn’t talk yet, but he signs, and his most used sign is eat/drink, because for him they are the same. If you don’t respond quick enough he does it not just to himself, but to you. He touches YOUR mouth to sign eat/drink. It’s also a fall back sign for him, if he doesn’t know a sign for something, doesn’t know how to ask he signs eat/drink. And yes it DOES get confusing.

Today he wasn’t just signing, he force fed me a booger!

We had a nice, “We do not eat boogers! We ABSOLUTELY DO NOT feed them to Mommy!” talk.

From now on when he signs eat/drink, I’m going to ask if he needs a tissue.


2 Responses to “Being a Mom is Disgusting Work”

  1. spiderlady Says:

    OH my! I can so see one of my kids doing that! I feel for you!

    ~spiderlady from swap-bot!

  2. HeidiMonkey Says:

    OMG I still can’t get our 7 year old to stop with the boogers. Yuck and EWW!

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