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how do they do it? June 4, 2008

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Those moms that have a super clean house, a popular blog, kids, etc etc. Some even have a published craft book, or design an entire popular line! How do they do it all. The only craft time I usually get is when Mr N gives Blu his bath, and sometimes on weekends. Often times my late night craft sessions are ruined by a certain guy with sleep issues. How do these women craft amazing things seemingly daily, blog, and have an amazing house. They have stacks of beautiful pillowcases, or tons of antiques, buys fabric constantly, have more then one expensive sewing machine or have a different teacup for every type of occasion.

I can’t even find time to clean up my house every day, but these ladies do it all. Is it because they are older then me? Richer then me? Just more together then me? Is it because their kids are older? Is there just something wrong with me? I constantly wonder, am I doing something wrong? Or if they had my kid would their life be just like mine?

For example right now I could craft, clean, bake, but instead Blu must nap, and apparently today he must nap in my arms.


3 Responses to “how do they do it?”

  1. perfectionnotnecessary Says:

    I can tell you that it’s not because they’re older. I’m older and often wonder how these women do it all too. I can also tell you it’s not because their children are older than yours. My two are older than Blu and, again, I struggle to get it all done.

    So, in my opinion, either they lie about their perfect lives, or their family and children suffer from lack of one-on-one time with momma. Now, I know that will come off as me being jealous. Maybe I am a little jealous that these perfect women have time to do everything. But then again, I wonder how many of them hold their children while they nap? Enjoy that. Those moments pass so quickly (remember, my kids are older so I know) and those moments are far more important than crafting or cleaning or being perky and perfect.

  2. Lorraine Says:

    Hi – I found your blog from craftster and saw that you have ink pads and stamps to swap, which I may be interested in if you still have them and if you are interested in anything that I can craft for you or materials that I have. PM me at craftster (Lmcbride) if you are interested.

    And I would like to comment on the “perfect” bloggers and mothers. They aren’t. Everyone I have ever known who seemed to be so perfect on the surface eventually showed that there was a major deficit or problem in some major area of their life. It’s all a balancing act, and while it can be a lot easier for those who have lots of money, and “easy” kids, I think the best thing you can have is a good support system of friends and others that you can connect with for moral support and encouragement. And remember that blogs (and everything on the internet) are often just the very best accomplishments of a persons life presented in the best way possible. I admire your honesty in stating that you aren’t perfect and don’t have it all figured out and struggle. You seem more like a real person than a Martha Stewart Clone!

  3. I had to chuckle at this entry. I agree with the ladies above that these bloggers who seem to have it all together are probably just as messed up as anyone else, but manage to never show it online. After all, if all you have to look at is their blog – you don’t really know their house is perfectly clean all the time. C’mon girl, you KNOW no one who has kids or pets has a perfectly clean house all the time. Or if they do – they drive their family mad by jumping at every speck of dirt or dish out of place.

    I’d rather read your blog, where you have the courage to admit you are not perfect – but you’re trying. And I’d much rather know someone who holds their child as they nap – giving them such security and love – than someone who is too busy blogging about how perfect they are.

    BTW, I’m your swap-bot partner for Expose Your Blog swap. And I’m grabbing your RSS 😉

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