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Housewife yes, Homemaker? ehhh June 3, 2008

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I stay home, yes. But I’m not really sure I’m a homemaker. I don’t do all these cute little things like clean constantly  or decorate for seasons and holidays. I cook, I do the shopping, I watch the boy. I’m not yet like the other bloggers who create gorgeous homes, and create exotic birthday cakes. But I did make a floral centerpiece for the dining table. Maybe there is hope for me yet?

Please forgive the backdrop, I had to snap pictures during lunch or not at all, and all I could find for a backdrop was a sweater.


One Response to “Housewife yes, Homemaker? ehhh”

  1. Alicia G. Says:

    I’m not a ‘homemaker’ either. I’m lucky if I can see the bottom of my kitchen sink once or twice a week.

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