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A few Finds June 2, 2008

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Saturday we wnt to the thrift store. I haven’t gone for ages, and was beginning to go through withdraw! It was Super Saturday, when all clothes are half off. I wanted to get Blu some play clothes, because he is all boy and everything gets stained, torn, etc and always needs replacing it seems.

My best find of the day was my little Greta, or so I have named her. As I waited in line, arms full of hangers because there are simply not enough carts for Super Saturday, I spotted her. There she was up on a shelf, barely visible to the naked eye. She was near the registers where they keep the expensive stuff, and I didn’t think I’d be able to get her. It was so hot in that store, and the line was moving so slowly, and it wrapped around the store to begin with. I started to feel over heated, and I tend to black out. I was getting nervous. What if I fainted? Hubby and Blu were in outside. They would have no idea who I was! what if I dropped my items and instead of caring I fainted people began shopping my items? With arms doing that jiggly muscle thing from holding hangers trying to loosen my shirt collar, I finalyl reached the counter . I dropped everything on the counter and huffedly asked “How much is that doll, over there, on the shelf?” I pointed, trying to contain the boiling excitement of a neat doll. I honestly couldn’t even tell what she really looked like. She was on a top shelf, fallen over and all I could see a heap. I have developed that Thrift Store eye, where you can spot a treasure a mile away. After a minute or so of “over to the left.” “Up one more shelf.” “By that box.” finally she was revealed.

She’s only about 8 inches tall, possibly handmade. she has a petticoat, pantaloons, skirt, skirt, apron, shawl and headcover. I think her hair may be wool. And she hands, feet, and head seems to be plastery. I love that her face looks so youthful, but she seems so old. I can visualize her telling stories with deep morals, while talking with a heavy European accent.

The lady pulled her down and says “The dolls up here are all $5 but she is awful small.” I was fighting the urge to say “I’ll take her” since I could tell I was about to get a lower price. She has a small mark on her foot, which appears to be the price, and neither I nor the cashier could make it out. Another employee stared at it the entire time my others items were rung up, and announces “I think it is a 2.” So I brought her home.

The reason I love this particular thrift store, besides their huge bookroom and $1.25 kids clothes are their linens prices. $2 will buy a sheet, curtain, tablecloth, or other large fabric item. Where else can you buy cool fabric, and that much of it, for $2?? Here’s my findings from this weekend. I think besides the 12 hangers of kids clothes the pounds of linens was what was doing me in.  I bought 5 sheets and two pillowcases.

I think they really display my current obsession, the color yellow. The one “ugly” print opens up to reveal a beautiful fall scene. I confess I nearly didn’t get it. It tooked really ugly all folded up. I couldn’t open it because my hands were full of hangers, but I knew if I didn’t get it, I’d kick myself.

So that my beautiful Patience doesn’t get moody or jealous of Greta. Here she is in all of her beauty to show her new summer outfit. The top doesn’t have any snaps or anything else, so it may seem a bit to loose. It’s a smock style top, so it has a full back, but the lower part is like a front only apron.


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