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Here we Go AGAIN May 29, 2008

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I used to blog on Typepad, and had a little personal blog that never had an readers. I also ran a “business” blog there. They got a new editor that never worked on my computer so I  switched to a  new blog. Then I switched to a different blog, and a different blog, and here we go again, but this is it. This is my permanent personal blog, no more moving around.

The title is because I live in the suburbs, and compose stuff. But not music, no, I don’t have a musical bone in my body. But I compose crafts, patterns, tutorials,  and I write. I’m a mom too, so I suppose I compose kids? This blog is for me to share all that stuff with the world. So you’ll read about random rambles, see some stuff I make, and probably get recipes and tips that I’m trying as I write my book.  If you stop by, please leave a comment, so I know I’m not just talking to myself!


One Response to “Here we Go AGAIN”

  1. perfectionnotnecessary Says:

    I stopped by. Thanks for pointing me here 🙂

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