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We’re Moving June 7, 2009

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In my recent Blog surfing I’ve discovered that ALL the widgets, cool designs and backgrounds, and fun stuff I want to add seems to only work in Blogger, so before I (hopefully) have tons of readers I’m going to move. The address will be No name change or anything!

It may take me a few days to move everything over though, I’m kinda slow at figuring out tech stuff. As far as I know the posts will stay here also, but be copied over there.


A peek into Our Week

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Well we’re still doing Tot School, and I can see a real difference in Blu’s speech already! It almost makes me feel worse, like he really wouldn’t have this issue if I was doing this all along, but then I realize it is quite possibly just a very LARGE coninsidence. I have to say that since changing my outlook, and really being a dedicated homeschooler I feel AMAZING! I decided when he was accepted to this program to make him, his unschooling, and the family my very very very top priority, and even drop crafts if it came down to it. Now when he goes to sleep, which for the first time in his life he’s doing good at recently and gives me personal time EVERY DAY!!! (Woohooooo) instead of rushing into my craft room (and nearly breakign my neck on the way there because it’s a serious wreck) I go sit in my comfy vintage chair, watch some chic flick, and do school stuff first of all. OR if I want to, really really want too, I do crafts first. I spend the time planning workboxes, reading curriculum books for ideas, assembling the boxes, searching the library online for new books, etc etc. I find that not only do I feel like I’m doing a good thing, the best thing, but also that when I craft my stuff is better! I feel like I’m crafting very specific ideas, or things I realllllllly WANT to do, and not just crafting for the sake of it. I’m not sitting down at Ethel (my sewing machine) just to say I use her, but because I really and truly want to make a very specific something. I’ve been crocheting a doily, cause I’m an 80 year old stuck in a 25 year olds body, and adore it. I picked it out of my vintage Workbasket collection (I have well over 100 of the vintage magazines!) and set to town. I actually intend to enter it into the county fair. I’ll share a picture of the progress soon. 

This week for Tot School Blu did quite a few things. I’ve realized that he loves the workboxes SO much that he’ll go and get them without me even doing the things with him. Even in his free play time he seems to do workboxes more then anything else. 

This week he did a wonderful flower craft, I pulled it from the internet somewhere, and suddenly cannot find the bookmark anywhere! I couldn’t manage to print the online templates at a good size, so I randomly drew them and cut them out. Here he is coloring the flowers:6709 002

And here is the finished craft. I had to lay it down to dry, because of that giant dollop of glitter glue. Turned out I STILL stood it upright to soon, and now half of that lump is in the egg tray! 6709 004To sum up the craft, you cut a section of 3 egg sections from a tray, and push in some balls of playdough or air dry clay. Then shove in three straws, then tape flower tops on top of the straw. The original instructions used construction paper, I used craft foam. If anyone knows where I pulled this craft from PLEASE tell me, I really want to give credit where credit is due. This IS NOT my original idea!

After that he just loved sorting and playing with his crayons. 6709 009

Another activity we did, that he loved, was taking cut up straws and stringing them onto pipe cleaners. Notice the influx of straws in our crafts? I bought this REALLY cheap bag from the dollar store, and apparently 99% of them start out with a hole in them! So a tip, only buy Dollar Tree straws for crafts. 6709 014

After he strung them I twisted them into bracelets, a necklace and a small ring (with a tiny scrap of straw for a gem) and he only seemed to like the ring, and making me wear the necklace like a crown. 

We also played his favorite, Duplos. Now don’t think this is actually a workbox, simple fact that he plays with these on a daily basis, they are no doubt one of his favorite toys. On this particular day however I took pictures and we particularly sorted them, and played giggly games. After I built a house he loved that you could turn it on it’s side and the window/door combo made it a shape sorter. He learned about shapes when he realized the dinosaur doesn’t fit inside, and that no amount of shoving makes it fit. 6709 021

Here’s him when he dug out his own workbox to play with, bead stringing. 

6709 041


And just to share his amazingly cute level here’s him in an outfit he picked out this week. And to show his gigantic size keep in mind he’s not quite 2 1/2 and those are size 5 pants! slightly baggy, but not falling off!

6709 028

Now, if you’re only here to read about tot school, technically you can stop now. I’ll probably share some links, but the rest of this post is crafts and personal stuff that I just never seem to find time to post. 

First I want to share Spirit Jump, and a spirit jump I’m working on. Spirit Jump is a very neat charity I found where they simply share information about people who have a serious illness, cancer, debilitating disease, etc, and help to find people to boost their spirits, give their spirit a jump. You volunteer as you want, meaning as much or as little as you can, and send whatever you deem appropriate, anything from just a card to a whole care package. And you don’t “adopt” the person, meaning you don’t have to continually give them care packages over and over, it can be a one time thing. It’s nice because you send what you feel the urge to send, that fits within your budget.  Recently I was working on a quilt for a friend’s baby and it was decided not to give it to them (for various very good reasons, not just being petty) and I had an unfinished quilt top just laying there. so I decided to send a Spirit Jump to Little  Miss Hannah. Now please keep in mind that just because I personally am sending a whole quilt, you would never have to, so please do try to become a Spirit Jumper.  After much debate, input from others, and contemplation I finally decided to quilt it with one giant spiral, and I LOVE it! I need to trim it up a bit and bind it, but here it is. Enjoy the picture because I doubt I’ll remember to take one of the finished item! I never do, I just pop it in the mail and send it away to it’s new home. 6709 044

I also made these throw together pot-holder recently. I made three, one with pink trim was sent to a better place, ie it was sent for a swap!

6709 043

One last personal thing, I’ve fallen in love with a snail. Not the gooey little creature! Oh no, something entirely different and much nicer to look at. The blog “The Snail’s Trail.”  It floods me with wonderful ideas, for school, for life, even just things to thing about. Her links have sent me on a blog visiting journey that no exaggeration has changed my thought process on a lot of things. How I want to live, how I need to get back to myself, how I want to raise Blu, how I want to teach Blu. I’m in love. If she had new posts every 5 minutes I’d never leave my computer again!


First Official Week of “School” June 2, 2009

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The entire school year I was supposedly doing home preschool with Blu, but I’ll admit we got maybe 20 hours of real work in total. Recently he was evaluated and found to have a speech delay, and a few minor things. Some of it was stupid stuff, like they gave him a cup that is nothing like any cup we’ve ever had, and he “didn’t generalize it as a cup.” Apparently a cup is a cup wether he’s ever seen a cup like that to know it was a cup or not. But having him accepted into the intervention program was like getting a bad job review. I’ve been a stay at home mom since he was born, in charge of his education among other thing, and when he got accepted I failed. I felt like I should have been fired. 

But he’s getting better every day, and I’ve been cracking down on the school stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, we’re not sitting at the table and doing workbooks all day. Mostly we read, play with puzzles and toys, and have dedicated educational fun.  I’ve started “Tot School”  which is essentially dedicated time each day for toddler education.   Here’s some of our week:

We did this puzzle shape match several time, Blu fell in love with it the first day we did it, (not that we’ve never played with it before)

6109 029

 And  we went to the zoo on Saturday. In true homeschool fashion we took a magnifying glass, incase there was anything cool to investigate. He doesn’t quite understand how it works but he enjoys it. 

6109 040

We’re doing the workbox approach, with about 3-4 workboxes each day.  Some things we’ve done already is puzzles, reading books, building ramps for cars, shape stackers, and wipe off workbooks. 


Stay tuned for more school every week!


And on a different note, these are my gorgeous gerbera daisies, well were, I’ve killed them already. I have quite the black thumb. 

6109 023


So Much to Share March 3, 2009

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and so little time!

I’ll do the most basic first, my little guy will be 2 in just 12 days! I can’t believe it! This is the day two years ago that I went into labor, and stayed there! My gosh has it been that long?! It feels both like it just happened yesterday AND that surely that was at least 5 years ago! Know what I mean? It doesn’t help that he is the size of a 4 year old.

Here’s a picture of when he fell asleep in time out. Yes you heard that correctly, he fell asleep in time out. I guess that shows the cause of the behavior that put him there huh?


So for his birthday he’s getting this, which I ordered yesterday as his main gift. One day in the craft store I saw a small combo pack of art supplies on Clearance and grabbed it since it was such an obvious small gift! It’s some Crayola gift set, and to be honest I don’t even remember everything that is inside. It has a paper tablet, some Color Wonder stuff, some paint pen things, and more. I pulled a classic though, I lost it! Now as I write this I have since found it, but earlier this morning it occurred to me that I need to find it to know where it is to wrap, and I couldn’t find it! I checked all my regular hiding spots. Turns out it slipped from an obvious spot to a less obvious spot. I think he’ll love it though. The whole theme this year is arts/crafts. Besides those gifts his party is at the local craft store (yes you CAN do parties at them sometimes) So we’re just really Arting it up here!

I had Blu’s Birthday announced over at the new tot site, and I wanted to make sure I posted about it for anyone who may follow the link over here.   And for any visitors that the link may bring, welcome to my composition!

So what else do I have to share? I did some MAJOR stash enhancement. As in a whole bag full of half yards and fat quarters. I have pictures to share either tonight (if Blu actually sleeps) or tomorrow (if he actually allows me to type two days in a row.

I also have several items finished, a quilt top that has been in planning for months, some small objects, and maybe I’ll disclose how far along I am on the block of the month.  I’ll give you a hint on that one, it’s embarrassing. BUT I stand behind my slow progress with the simple statement that I have a toddler.

So lots to come!


25 Random Facts About Me February 26, 2009

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I’ve been tagged with this, signed up for a swap with this, and more, so instead of doing it a hundred times, I’m posting it here and sending everyone the link. 🙂

1. I’m 25, but feel like I’m 40.

2. I only have one child, a son, and can’t decide if I want just one or 5 total.

3. I love to cook.

4. I named my sewing machine.

5. My first car, and my favorite car ever,  was a 1963 Corvair 4 door.

6. I want to be a designer (of fabric, patterns, and such) but personally feel like my stuff isn’t even very good.

7. I recently discovered I TRULY AM addicted to coffee.

8. I’ve been jokingly saying I am for months.

9. I’m trying to quit and switch to tea, coffee alternatives, and coffee only on weekends.

10. I had my son at a birth center, and adored it.

11. I fell in love with my husband the very first second I saw him.

12. I fell in love with someone else once at first site, I literally heard music like they do in the movies, he did to.  Even though we were at a battle of the bands. He was a jerk.

13. I’m addicted to swaps.

14. I have one tattoo, but want 7.

15.  I’ve been writing the same novel for 12 years.

16. Every time I start it over I lose it in some way, computer crashes, notebook gets lost, etc.

17. My dream in live is to own a shop.

18. I love eggs, from my head down to my legs.

19. I love Bacon even more.

20. I once was addicted to shopping. Luckily I only racked up about 1,500 in debt not 15,000 like some addicts.

21. No matter how much I try I simply cannot seem to pick just one craft to do regularly.

22. I do, have done, or want to do, just about every craft known to man.

23. I spend probably 8 hours a day on teh computer, and it isn’t for work.

24. even though my son isn’t even two I know we’re going to homeschool him, and have known since before he was even born.

25. I would reallllllllly love to be able to draw, but no matter how hard I try just can’t seem to get it. I tried to draw a horse once, it looked like a dead cat!


Oh today was greattttttt! February 13, 2009

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Sorry Tony the Tiger just took my place for awhile apparently.  Little man had great behavior today, and swore he’d be on his best behavior when I had MY VERY FIRST CRAFT CIRCLE tonight! Sorry for the yelling, couldn’t help myself! I’m so excited about it all! I know too that having a not even two year old say he’ll be on his best behavior is kinda well iffy, but usually he is actually very honest! One day he even said yes he needed time out!

So everyone came, and I use “everyone” loosely (less then half of the really really invited came) and we crafted, and chatted, and just had a great time. At least I did. I worked as steadily as I could while playing hostess, especially since one lady brought her lovely daughters who wanted to learn to sew and needed a lot of assistance (but gosh I’m spreading the craft!) So what was I busy working on??? Wellllllll, have you seen this?!!?!?!? The Basket theme Block of the Month over at Bunny Hill?? I stumbled upon it after several hours of blog reading (over the course of daysssss) and decided I HAD to do it! Then I got my mom in on it! My friend might join to. The challenge? We are dedicated and  have sworn to do the applique sewing ENTIRELY by hand! So tonight I stitched the best I could, and my hand sewing is dreadfullll, so I was going very slowly to make it wonderful. I got up one side of the basket and about 1/2″ into the handle stitched up. Not to bad I think. The stitches are tiny and great, and so far I’m really proud!

Another awesome thing? Today I ordered needle tatting needles! I’ve tried shuttle tatting dozens of times and just don’t get it, but I saw needle tatting in my new favorite book and simply said,  “Man I CAN do that! It looks so easy! It’s really not all that different then how I knot my thread!” so I ordered needles as soon as the catalog came. For some reason I was determined to order through the catalog, even though I would have had them already if I had just ordered online the day I found them.  And just like my life, I ordered from the only place I could find them when I searched, then today I no more then ordered and decided to search for free patterns and found a place that is cheaper! Ugh.

So next time the craft circle meets I’ll hopefully be tatting away! Or at least finishing my basket square. AND the other ladies liked it so much we’ve agreed to meet every other Thursday! So I get TWO good crafty gabby days a month! Hopefully next time hubby will be home before midnight and I don’t have to play the mommy role at the same time.

And on top of the crafty goodness today, yesterday I made two of these, one block inspired by this, AND finished a quilt top I’ve had on the burner for almost a year! Not even on the back burner, just the burner. I’ve been collecting fabrics, and picking a design, and finally started this week. Pictures to come, my camera is annoying me lately.


Welcome Swap-Botters! February 2, 2009

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Over At my favorite website, Swap-Bot I signed up for a swap to read blogs. I send some, I get some, and hopefully we all have fun reading each others blog. I just wanted to make a quick post to Welcome my new readers to my blog!